How to avoid common mistakes with wireless microphones

Two weeks ago, we published an article about Preparing for the 2016 Spring Sport Seasons: Audio Checks. In addition to audio checks, wireless microphones preparation and training is important to consider prior to an event.

Wireless microphones give your announcer the freedom to freely interact with your fans, athletes and other features during your games. However, there are a few things you might want to keep in mind so everyone can clearly hear your message.

I recently asked our Daktronics audio engineers for any best practices for wireless microphone users, and they mentioned three things to keep in mind when preparing for an event.Microphone

  • Avoid any obstructions between the transmitter and antenna.
  • Be sure you have adequate battery levels for the entire event.
  • Coordinate frequencies with other wireless devices in venue.

For more information on training others on how to use wireless microphones, check out Five Mistakes to Avoid When Using Wireless by SHURE Customer Help.

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