A More Effective Way to Reach Customers


Full-color Galaxy display 16 mm

Hidden Valley Animal Hospital
Independence, Missouri

Hidden Valley Animal Hospital has a beautiful facility on well-travelled Missouri Route 291. The hospital used a manually changeable copy board to reach out to people passing by or sitting at the light. However, the content wasn’t as visible as it could’ve been and keeping it fresh wasn’t easy. So Hidden Valley upgraded to a 16 mm, full-color LED sign.

“Instead of standing in the rain or snow to change letters that didn’t show up very well, we sit at a desk in our warm office and design all that we want to say,” says office manager, Carolyn Villalva.

The LED sign has been more effective reaching the front-door audience than the copy board.

“We do think the display has increased our business as people mention seeing the sign. One lady came in and said she thought we were a restaurant before [LED sign installation],” says Villalva.

The animal hospital also appreciates the incredible variety of options an LED sign offers.

“We run advertising about our specials with appropriate graphics. We have been able to advertise the different services we provide, not only hospital, but boarding and grooming, too,” says Villalva.

Hidden Valley had a dog named Beau (nickname: “Mr. Personality”) come in to be  boarded. The staff added his photo to a message promoting day boarding for Christmas shoppers.

“The owners are ecstatic that Beau is a star,” says Villalva.

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