Venus Control Suite Content, Just for You!

Free Content for Your Message Display

Did you know that Daktronics offers a FREE, downloadable media kit for display owners?

It’s true!

We offer nearly 400 pieces of content consisting of animations and stills that observe all sign code stipulations and are compatible for nearly every sign size in our GS6 and GC6 models. We also offer a limited media kit for our smaller matrix displays, under (32 h), and our monochrome series.

Jumpstart your advertising campaign with the market-responsible, code-friendly background and templates contained in our media kit! You can even customize the templates with the editing tool in Content Studio. Optimize your advertising medium immediately by creating customized messages!

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As we mentioned a couple weeks ago, you will  receive a Venus Control Suite Software Activation email within a week of submitting your order for a Daktronics display. In that email, you will find a link  to download your free media kit. For instructions about how to do so, click the link below:

How to download the Venus Control Suite Media Kit

Trainer Tip: We recommend that you tag your files while they are in the upload list, so you don’t have to do it later–or forget to do it altogether! Just checkmark each piece of content you wish to tag. You can even tag all the files at once by checking all of them.

Utilizing Daktronics Creative Resources

You can find both free and fee-based content on our e-commerce site

Shop for new content online when it’s most convenient for you. All transactions are electronic, so you’ll receive your new content immediately. Packages generally contain five to seven pieces of content. Animated packages are $99; still packages cost $75.

Did you find a content package but it doesn’t come in your display size? No worries! You can purchase a custom size content package today at no additional charge.

If you have your own ideas and want to work with our Creative Team, that’s great! We offer Custom Creative Work as well.

Perhaps the most powerful tool is our complementary Content Best Practices brochure.  This brochure provides color and text recommendations to help you create bold and legible content that works hard to win you the glance. Learn how to create eye-catching content by using  color and text recommended by our digital artists.

Like we always say, thanks for reading!  If you have any questions or ideas for future posts please comment below.

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