Windows 10 Compatibility for Live Event and Spectacular Customers

The Venus 1500 blog has recently announced windows 10 capability in this post: Windows 10 Compatibility. If you are a venus 1500 compatibleVenus 1500 user, we would encourage you to follow the directions in this post if you wish to use Windows 10!

We would like you to know that engineering development is continuing for Show Control and many of our other data software. Customers with any software other than Venus 1500 should NOT upgrade to Windows 10 in order to maintain functionality and integration of various components in the control system. In the event a customer choses to upgrade to Windows 10, any service response needed to back date the system will not be provided under the Daktronics warranty.

As more information becomes available, or if there is a change in our stance regarding upgrading to Windows 10, we will post an update on our training blog “The Control Panel” and on this Knowledge Base Article.

As noted above, directions for updating your Venus 1500 software are included here.  For customers with Show Control and other live event/spectacular control applications, do not update your operating system to Windows 10 until notified that the system compatibility is fully functional and qualified

  1. […] then DO NOT update to Windows 10.  Please read the March 28, 2016 Daktronics Control Panel blog, Windows 10 Compatibility for Live Event and Spectacular Customers for more […]


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