See Why OOH Is Vital to Campaigns

Coke out of home campiagn
Have you ever been driving down the interstate and noticed an advertisement that was an extension of one you had seen on TV or heard on the radio? There’s a very simple reason for the connection, and it’s because Out of Home (OOH) advertising works. We’ve said it countless times, and we, in the industry, all get it, but how do we get advertisers to understand the value and how to use OOH advertising. Now there are stats to back up the claim, let’s start there.

The Results

Posterscope and Dentsu Aegis Network just completed a five-year study that analyzed over 50 individual client campaigns, testing more than 1,500 creative executions and surveying over 20,000 respondents. This study found that campaigns integrating the (OOH) mediums available to them boosted purchase intent by 13% compared to campaigns that, for whatever reason, chose not to.

This study also revealed the OOH industry is the leading driver by 45% of interpersonal relations ahead of any other media studied. Interpersonal relations are the emotions consumers feel towards a certain brand, or how connected they feel with the brand. On top of that, interpersonal relations were found to be the force behind 44% of all purchases. All of this means OOH positively influences consumers, which in turn drives purchases for advertisers.

Out of home campaign stats


Why Isn’t Everyone Using OOH?

One of the biggest complaints we have heard from companies in terms of using OOH from companies is that they struggle to think of ways to incorporate their campaign within the medium. If you aren’t familiar with how OOH works, it can seem difficult, but there are a lot of options clients have for campaigns.

Basic Options

Dynamic Data is a feature of OOH everyone should be using. Dynamic Data works by syncing whatever display you are using with an RSS feed. If you don’t know what an RSS feed is, you can read up on them here – RSS explained. In basic terms, RSS is a way to send real-time information to your billboards that is constantly changing. This could range from countdowns and time and temperature to social media posts and sports scores.

By sponsoring this real-time content, advertisers are getting eyes on their slogan, hashtag or website name at all times throughout the day and night. Maybe clients have a well-known spokesperson such as Progressive’s Flo or the beefy Old Spice guy. Or maybe they’re trying to get a new spokesperson in the spotlight. Facial recognition is the first step and that’s right where OOH can step in.

There is also social media. Social media is a known powerhouse for promoting brands, messages and all sorts of other things. The OOH industry has made it very easy for brands to engage with their consumers via social media on displays. Just look at this campaign Netflix used to engage their fans – Netflix’s Daredevil Campaign. It didn’t stop there either. Netflix also deployed street furniture with cameras to change the way characters from the show appeared when people walked by. You can check it out in the video below.

Benefits for Advertisers

Not only are the options above available for incorporating into campaigns, day-parting adds an even more targeted approach to campaigns. Day-parting is a term we use for separating an ad-set throughout the day. An example of this would be when Burger King promotes their breakfast menu in the morning, lunch over mid-day, and supper during the afternoon. It wouldn’t make sense for them to promote their breakfast menu at 2:00 pm and day-parting gives them easy control over those timelines.

There also are times when an advertiser may need to get a message out within 5-10 minutes. With most traditional methods of advertising it would be impossible, but with OOH being a digital medium, updates take only as long as it takes you to hit send.

What we are trying to get at is that OOH adds an easy button to campaigns. With everything being digital, you’re free to make changes on the fly and also selectively target your ads throughout all hours of the day.

Limitless Potential

We could spend hours talking about all of the options there are for advertisers in the OOH industry and how clients can incorporate campaigns with it, but we still wouldn’t be able to get to everything. The options are only as limited as your imagination, which is what makes the OOH medium so powerful. We think it’s time every advertiser harnesses the power of OOH.

Daktronics digital display technology is designed for the OOH industry, with unmatched image quality and an intelligent design, you can focus your time on your client’s needs. Check out our products here, Daktronics products.

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