As our spring/summer sports begin, we all want to keep an eye on the skies for inclement weather.
Safety first!

Nobody wants to experience extreme weather at an outdoor sporting event. Obviously, the first priority is to keep everyone safe. You may want to break from your planned display messages and play weather related announcements to keep your fans up to date with any venue directions or warnings.Rainy Delay

After the storm…

You will want to determine if your display(s) have been damaged before resuming as normal.

Here are some things to keep in mind if you display has been impacted by extreme weather:

  • If the structural or electrical integrity of the display has been compromised, turn off power to the display.
  • If you feel the situation is dangerous, clear and secure the area. Then, contact your local sign service provider or Daktronics. You may need to contact a certified electrician or the responsible power company to assist with this step.
  • If the conditions are safe, read Preparing for the 2016 Spring Sport Seasons: Display Checks for information on how to inspect your displays.

If you notice something that needs attention, we have a vandalism and extreme weather guide for you to follow in this Knowledge Base article.

This post is by Danielle, Daktronics Trainer.
This post is by Danielle, Daktronics Trainer.

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