BOOST SALES: Sell the Right Product at the Right Time


Cash/Credit and Fuelight™ Petroleum displays

We have a product the petroleum market needs right now—the Cash/Credit LED display. This display shows multiple states of fuel prices, depending on the payment method, such as “CASH,” “CREDIT,” or “DEBIT.” It pairs with our Fuelight™ petroleum displays.

Swipe fees—cash is better

Why is showing different fuel prices so important?

Retailers, including c-stores, pay swipe fees so their customers can have the convenience of using cards. These fees range from 2% to 4% of the total purchase.1

In addition to paying fees, retailers can get stuck paying for transaction fraud. Merchants recently filed a lawsuit against MasterCard and Visa for “shifting the liability for illegal credit card transactions from the credit card companies and banks to retailers.”2

To cope with these costs, c-stores are offering cash discounts to encourage customers not to use plastic. With a Cash/Credit display on premise, passersby see at a glance how much they’ll save by paying cash.

Customers on the prowl for lowest fuel prices

It’s important that customers can easily spot savings on a highly visible LED sign like the Cash/Credit display. Fuel retailers need customers not only at the pump, but inside the store, too.

A recent consumer survey reports that people expect fuel prices to rise and:

  • 70% are willing to use cash to save 5 cents per gallon.
  • 64% decide where to stop by lower fuel prices.3

Think about calling on the convenience stores in your area. We offer you the products and support to successfully sell to this market!

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1Credit and Debit Cards at the Pump.” NACS. 2015 Retail Fuels Report
2Merchants File Lawsuit Related to EMV Regulations.” NACS. March 11, 2016.
3NACS: Consumers Expect Gas Prices to Rise.” Fuel Marketer News. May 2016 issue










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