Attract Eyes To Your Display This Independence Day

With the 4th of July coming up next week, it’s the perfect time to attract advertisers to Independence Day Billboardyour digital billboard. Independence Day brings the patriotism out in people and can be used to your advantage to attract eyes to your display.

According to Fliphound, the online marketplace Independence Day Billboardfor digital billboard advertising, 76% of Americans celebrate this holiday with their families and approximately 42 million motorists travel at least 50 miles during the holiday weekend. That’s a lot of eyes!Independence Day Billboard

We’ve designed this free template for you to use for the upcoming holiday. Please keep in mind this template is for digital billboards only.

  • Customize for customer’s
    timely promotionsIndependence Day Billboard
  • Sell a sponsorship spot with
    weather forecast
  • Self-promote your available ad space
  • Simply wish your audience a happy holiday

Have a fun, safe Independence Day this year!

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