Out with the old and in with the new

A lot of things have changed over the last few years when it comes to video displays, interactive content and control systems. To keep up with changes, members of our Daktronics customer training group and field engineers recently returned to Brookings, SD to learn more about the new tools and products. Many of these advancements will bring both extra excitement to the game-day experience and improve usability.

Trainers Val and Kelly are learning new products.

Trainers Val and Kelly are learning new products.

Some of these new enhancements were introduced at the annual IDEA Conference, or feel free to browse through some of the new project highlights on YouTube.

As we look ahead to new innovation, it is fun to look back to our past. Check out a recent tweet that shows Glow Cube technology in 1989.

The Glow Cube displays used three-dimensional pixels with a black and fluorescent yellow side. The pixels rotated to create text and graphics or digits.

Glow CubeWhile reflective displays, may be in the past, we still keep documentation for them on Daktronics.com. If you have a question on a discontinued product, you might find the resources you need on the Discontinued Products page on our website.


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