Eliminate Uncertainties of Selling. Rely On Our Support.


Onsite demos and sign code support

Some people are risk takers—they don’t mind walking on thin ice. But when it comes to business, most of us are careful and like to avoid variables and the unknown.

That’s why we developed support that helps eliminate uncertainties selling LED signs. So, we want to ask you—are you getting the full benefit from our support?

Today, let’s take a look at just two areas of support we offer. We’ve worked with sign companies now since 1980 and feel like we understand the issues impacting you:

1. Onsite demos
This service helps your customer have a realistic expectation about the sign they’re buying. It’s quite an investment, so it’s important that they’re happy with it for a repeat sale. We’ve also had sign companies tell us that a demo increases the chance of a sale by 50-60%.Visit www.daktronics.com/livedemo to schedule a demo on your site.

2. Sign code support
Right away, we realized that the greatest barriers to selling electronic signs are regulation issues. For that reason, we established a sign code department in 2006 to help our sign companies get permits and change prohibitive regulations. Do you have any legislation questions? Visit LED Sign Regulation and Legislation to contact our team for help.

Please comment and let us know what service or support you need that we don’t offer. Also, has anyone benefited from one of the services above? We’d love to hear from you!

Thanks for reading and see you next week.

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