New LED Sign Bringing Customers Inside Albuquerque Auto Dealership


Perfection on Academy, Albuquerque, NM Galaxy GS6 and Venus Control Suite

Perfection on Academy is all about community commitment as well as their auto customers, so when they saw the possibilities they could have with a new message display, they dived right in. The Galaxy® GS6 with Venus Control Suite software enables the company to use full-color graphics and text, catching the eyes of passersby.

Billy Mitchell, sales and finance manager at Perfection on Academy, loads pictures of vehicles from the lot and current specials into Venus Control Suite that are then sent to the message display.

“We’ve had people come in directly from seeing a vehicle’s picture on the display. They all comment on how nice and impressive it looks,” said Mitchell.

Since Venus Control Suite is so easy to use, the Perfection on Academy staff have more time to spend with customers.

“We run Venus Control Suite on our desktops and make playlists from there. We have one playlist that’s running on a constant loop and keep adding to it when we need to,” said Mitchell.

The dealership also promotes financing options, time and temperature to passersby. There’s no doubt the Galaxy GS6 is the perfect fit for Perfection on Academy’s needs.

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Also visit LED Displays for Auto Dealers on our website.

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