Don’t get blindsided this football season!

Start your season preparation early with the help of our services team. For those of you getting ready for High School Football, you’ll want to check out our Football support page for everything you need to prepare. The page is a convenient, one stop resource for answering the most common questions, and an effective way to access self-service resources.

This new page includes:

  • A season readiness checklist, to ensure your display equipment is fully prepared for the season.
  • Access to training materials, tutorials and resources that are relevant to you and your Daktronics equipment.
  • Troubleshooting information.
  • Online access to the Daktronics service team.

Football Support Page

Check out these resources and kick your season off with the confidence that your Daktronics equipment is ready for the fall!

This post is by Jarl, a Daktronics Program Manager.

This post is by Jarl, a Daktronics Program Manager.


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