It’s All in the First Steps

Have you purchased a video display and wondered, “What’s next?”

You’re probably in one of two phases: getting your feet wet or looking into the next best thing for the upcoming season. Figuring out where you fit is critical at this stage as it will gear you up for two very different game days.



You may just be starting out with your first video display in which you have the option to run your display with or without cameras.

  • Without a camera, you’ll play the content you either receive in your standard media kit at purchase or the content you’ve created on your own.
  • With a single camera or more, if you choose, you have the ability to show live action on your video board for your fans to see along with the content you wish to play.


If you’re in this phase, you’ve probably gotten your feet wet with the basics of owning a video display and are looking into what you can do next. At this point, you’ll want to look into purchasing a few more add-ons: camera and tricasters.

For the all-around experience, look into having two or three cameras total, a tricaster and an intercom system for the cameras to talk directly to the director:

  • Two cameras on the field
  • One camera on top of press box

For more information on how to run your tricaster, check out this tutorial.


Whether you’re in the “Start with the basics” phase or the “Moving on up” phase, you should know you can have an ultimate game day no matter what. As long you know how to work with what you have or are willing to reach out to those around you to get there, you’re golden.

Do you find yourself in either of these phases? Let us know what you’re doing with your equipment whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned pro.

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