Do you want to try something new for the football season?

Here are a few product trainings to get you started.

The NFL out-of-town graphics generator

Generates drive chart images of any NFL game that will compliment out-of-town scores information.

This tutorial illustrates the functionality of the graphics generator software, how to configure an output and how to customize elements of the image.

Introduction to media RTD

Media RTD is a great feature if you want to automate headshots or even if you want to substitute interesting graphics for time outs or as a possession indicator.

Interfacing with Stat Crew

This video is popular with many of our colleges that integrate Stat Crew in with their display system. Watch this to understand the steps and the settings required to share your team’s statistics with your fans.


Are you interested in presenting out-of-town scores for football? Watch this tutorial to learn how to use the STATS driver for Sports Wire 4000.

Good luck during your season and keep checking back to our Daktronics Control Panel for more trainings!

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