We Got the Beat

ector_county_isd_odessa_tx_dvx-528x1008-15hd_ss-2000hd_dsm_2014_4As those Friday night lights turn on before the game begins, you hear the beginning of the national anthem. Hats slowly come off heads and cover hearts as the instruments’ notes fill the early autumn air.

There’s just something about a school band that energizes a game-day’s atmosphere. It’s familiar and it feels like home to not only you but the season’s regulars. Your school’s band makes the game-day experience that much better from before the game to the very end. So why not feature the students behind the music on the display?


  • Show the different marching band formations
  • Feature close-ups of band soloists on the display
  • Live stream your school’s band playing at halftime
  • Create content that gets fans to get up and dance
  • Share the school’s song lyrics so the crowd sings along

Your video display has the power to show everything before, during and after a game. It does more than score and show instant replays; it shares the pride students and fans have for the band and the game. Featuring students outside of the athletic team helps everyone feel like a part of something bigger than themselves – like they’re part of the team too.


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