Hello, Free Fall Content!

It’s crazy to think we’re already in October. Where you are, the leaves might be changing and swirling at your feet as the weather cools down. You see more and more sport fans bundling up at each game as concessions start serving hot cocoa over ice cream. This can only mean one thing.

Halloween, along with many other upcoming holidays, is knocking on your door. But do you have themed content for fans to enjoy during this time?

If not, you’re in luck!


All this month, we’re offering free, full-color content packages to celebrate the upcoming holidays. Whether you love or dread stores when they start filling up with Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations early or not, you’re always going to have fans who get excited about it. So, let them get excited about your content.


Here’s how it works: go to our content site and click “Buy Animated Package.” Don’t worry, it’s still free! Don’t see your size? Click on the “Can’t Find My Size” link at the bottom of the page and we’ll take care of you.

Once you’re all set, post some photos of your new content on your display below.

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