Is your team ready for Basketball?

The countdown to the first basketball game has begun, and players are practicing for the season. But what about your control room staff? Will your operators be ready for the first game?

We want your All Sport and display operators to have skills and knowledge for the season ahead. Now is your opportunity to go beyond the basics. Train your staff early so they are prepared to take your display production to the next level.

Find the resources you need to operate your Daktronics system:
Training videos for new and experienced operators:

We hope the above resources will help you get a jumpstart on your basketball season with the help of our Daktronics services team. For those of you getting ready for basketball, you’ll want to stay tuned to The Control Panel for more on season preparation.

  1. I am constantly having issues with statcrew sending first name when using requested stats with other sports such as volleyball and basketball. All I ever seem to get is LAST name. Can you all create a tutorial to show the proper way to retrieve FIRST name when using requested stats w/statcrew?


    1. Daktronics Control Panel October 25, 2016 at 2:17 PM

      Check out this article on our Control Panel blog about RTD and monitoring your data to ensure you are receiving the correct data in the first name field. If you need further assistance, go to our Customer Support page at


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