Get Your Students in the Game

Integrating your video display into your school’s classrooms is one of the most exciting times for both staff and students. It’s a new subject for teachers and a new challenge for students. But how exactly does a school bring their video display into their classroom? Well, you came to the right place! Check out some of our ideas below.


Students are responsible for programming and operating the video board during events. This includes providing live video streaming, writing event scripts and scheduling promotions and ads. Students also have the opportunity to get behind the camera to shoot and edit video.


Students work with the video production class to create partnerships and promotions to showcase during events. Some promotions include: weekly student/athlete-of-the-week, advertising for businesses, one-time advertising spots and birthdays.


Students learn the ins and outs of what it takes to capture quality photos. Using programs like Adobe Photoshop, students learn certain techniques to enhance photos, which will then be incorporated into programming for their peers and community to see.


Students focus on promotions targeted to specific events and seasons. These can include back-to-school, spring and fall holidays and more. This class can either do the planning and pass it onto those students creating the content or do both the planning and creating.


Students put their design skills to work as they design programs for each event. Working in groups or on their own, students have the opportunity to show their creativity as events and seasons change. Programs are then printed out and finalized, if needed, by the students.


Students create video animations for game and sponsor-related events. This includes graphics for: first downs, make noise, wrestling match information and more. Opportunities will arise to edit sponsor content per clients’ request, collaborate to meet customers’ needs and meet deadlines.

Stay tuned for how teachers are making this work in their classrooms, as well as software tips and tricks to help your students get going.

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