Digital Sign Week Roundtable

Our friends over at wrote up a great post about a round table discussion to kick off Digital Signage Week. You can read the post for yourself below.

AVNation did a 25 minute round table yesterday to kickoff Digital Signage Week.  The round table interview took place in Daktronics’ office overlooking Times Square.  The panelists were asked:

What’s coming down the pipeline?  What’s the next big thing in digital signage?

  • Adrian Cotterill, Editor in Chief, DOOH:  “The way people buy billboards will be completely different.  They’ll be buying them based on audiences…You want people who are interested in what you’re selling.”
  • Mike McGraw, SVP, Marketing Solutions, Clear Channel Outoor: “Including social media into the content on our displays.  The ability to scrape social media for a specific hashtag, aggregate it, moderate it and post it on a digital sign.  So advertisers can take campaigns and amplify what they are doing on social media on out of home.”
  • Randy Antes, Director of Digital Projects, Daktronics: “Resolution getting tighter and tighter.  UHD (Ultra high definition signs)…Malls are embracing the technology and finding news ways to drive revenue.  It’s spilling over into lobbies of buildings…UHD allows minimum viewing distance to get close.”

You can watch the roundtable discussion here.

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