Have a Spooktacular Halloween-On us!

Halloween is right around the corner, and we want it to be a fun and successful day for you! You may have received a treat in your email from Daktronics recently: a Halloween template for your display to help make your business stand out.

Our new template is so versatile that you can use it from now all the way up until the day of Halloween!

Try these examples using the free templatehalloween-content

Seven-day countdown to Halloween. Use green text (RGB: 0, 255,0) for the numbers and white for the message. Use a black outline around the text.  Font recommendation: Russo One.

Please read our Knowledge Base article titled, “How do I schedule a Countdown/Countup in Venus Control Suite?” to create and schedule your countdown to Halloween.

On the day of Halloween, a simple TRICK or TREAT in a spooky glowing orange will get the job done. Use bright orange text (RGB 255, 202, 0) with a black outline around the text. Font recommendation: Archivo Black.

Wish everyone a Happy Halloween. Use white text with a black outline. Font recommendation: Candal.

Not sure how to set a custom RGB value in Content Studio?  Please see: How do I change the Font Color in Content Studio.

Trainer Tip: You can also find some fun Halloween content right in your Media Kit! Simply look for the “Holidays” folder to find your Candy Corn and Happy Halloween media!



Did  you download your free Media Kit?

If you have not downloaded your free Media Kit already, then please click on the link in the email you received from SoftwareActivation@Daktronics.com to do so.

If you cannot find your free Media Kit, then please reach out to us online via our Contact-A-Trainer page so we can send it to you.  Just be sure to let us know the dimensions of your display.

We also recommend reading the instructions in our Knowledge Base article titled, “How to download the Venus Control Suite Media Kit.”  This article will also show you how to upload the content into your Media Library after you’ve downloaded it.

Display too small for images?

Please keep in mind that we are unable to support small display sizes with Media Kit and package content. There are just too few pixels to ensure quality images, textures and logos. We recommend text-only messages to best optimize your display technology.

Typically, we offer the full Media Kit for displays that are 32-pixel high or more. For our special Halloween template, if your display height is 32 or less, and your display width is 80 or less, you will receive the template with the background colors only.

Bonus Trainer Tip: You can find additional Seasonal, Halloween, and other Holiday content by visiting our E-commerce site.  If you happen to be selling candy and other treats for Halloween, then you should definitely take advantage of our FREE content packages called “Salty Snacks 1 & 2” and “Sweet Treat 1 & 2.”  Enjoy!


We hope you found this post helpful. Please be sure to subscribe by clicking on the orange “Receive Email Updates” button on the right side of the page. Like we always say, thank you for reading!

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