Student Opportunities Thanks to Video Displays

When schools look past the basic uses of a scoring system, the benefits extend beyond game day. By involving your students in the behind the scenes action, doors open up for them skill-wise and career-wise. Many schools have realized this and ran with it.

Lake High School_Uniontown, OH

Lake High School located in Uniontown, Ohio, started its GenYes Program consisting of 21 10th-12th grade students. Geared up with laptops, each student takes IT college courses focusing on hardware, software, app design, Info Systems and more to help build their skillsets.

Dabbling in Adobe Premier, Adobe Photoshop and After Effects, students in this program create video and audio for game day. This isn’t just limited to the school activities – students also create content for youth sports, extracurricular events like their National Honor Society projects, as well as staff development.

Since purchasing their video display, the class has received two training sessions from Daktronics. One in-person on branding and another webinar session. Lake students took it into their own hands from there and began teaching other students how to operate the scoreboard and create content for the display.

Lake High School dedicated a room to act as a fully functioning green room with video editing equipment and a hands-on technology area. Five interactive TVs and lounge seating are available for students and classes to use.

Recently, students’ interests led them to come up with ideas on how to help market the scoreboard and bring in more sponsorships.

When we talked with the GenYes IT teacher, Frank Pilato, he had nothing but excitement to share:

“We’re having a blast with the scoreboard. My students in this program want to enter various fields in IT. Some are interested in development and some in production.”

The opportunities this program offers doesn’t stop at the doors of this high school.

“They are honestly some of the brightest minds. A few would like to enter a field where they can continue to produce content like we are now,” added Pilato.

The Daktronics Curriculum

Want to incorporate your video display into the classroom but now sure how to get started. Daktronics curated a curriculum specifically for incorporating your display into the classroom. Check out more details and get access to our curriculum here.

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