Health Center’s New LED Sign Informs Patients


Munson Army Health Center, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas

Munson Army Health Center’s vision is “to inspire those who serve our nation to live a lifetime of wellness.” In support of this goal, the center recently added an on-premise LED sign to further serve Fort Leavenworth personnel and their families

“We didn’t really have much of a sign before, and we wanted something to convey a plethora of information to our patients,” says Facility Operations Specialist Joe McGovern.

Currently, the health center runs 15-18 scrolling messages. Content topics include flu vaccinations, clinic closures, National Patient Appreciation Week, weight loss classes, and other pertinent information.

“The sign is our main way to inform customers. We use newspapers, but not everyone reads them. Who doesn’t look at an LED sign with scrolling messages?” McGovern says.

Share the Munson Army Health Center success story with a prospective healthcare or military customer. Thanks for reading this post!



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