College basketball scores around-the-clock

College basketball will have a big start to the season with a 24-hour marathon of games starting on Monday, November 14.  If your team has a matchup during this special event, you may want to be aware of how your out-of-town scores will display over the night.   frost%204


Typically, the STATS provider for Sports Wire 4000 publishes their data updates overnight.  However, with non-stop games, the update will be pushed out after the Florida Atlantic vs Hawaii game. This is when the previous day’s out-of-town game schedule will clear out and update for the new day.

Please note, the Sports Wire 4000 must be on for the schedule to update. Daktronics was told to expect the update to happen around 6:15 am on Tuesday, November 15.  After the daily scheduled update, we expect the out-of-town scores information to update as normal.

Here are the out-of-town data fields that update from STATS:

  • League Name
  • Home Team Short name
  • Home Team Long name
  • Visiting Team Short Name
  • Visiting Team Long Name
  • Home score
  • Guest Score
  • Period
  • Clock (time remaining and start time if not started yet)
  • AP Rank

Don’t forget, our online support resources are available around-the-clock for basketball marathons or for any other need. Check out our Daktronics Customer Support to search for knowledge base articles, watch videos and request service.

This post is by Danielle, Daktronics Trainer.

This post is by Danielle, Daktronics Trainer.

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