Do you have a DakStats spotter?

Entering play-by-play stats in DakStats Basketball can be a fast-paced responsibility. Both fans and players rely on your information to be quick and accurate.  Plays happen fast, and it is your job to make sure everything is recorded properly.

One of the keys to keeping up with the speed of the game is to have a good spotter. This is particularly necessary for basketball. The spotter is the person who watches the game and tells the operator the plays as they happen. This gives the DakStats operator the ability to concentrate on entering stats rather than looking back and forth between the game a computer screen.spotter

As a precaution, the spotter should have a pencil and paper ready to jot down plays in case the operator falls behind or has to edit plays. Having a spotter who pays close attention to the game and has a good understanding of the game will help the user more quickly enter data.

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