Offer Your Customers Cellular Communication for Galaxy® GS6 Displays


Do you have customers who don’t have internet access at the site? Or don’t want an LED sign on their network?

If so, you’ll want to talk to them about a great new option, the Daktronics Verizon Cellular Plan.

How does cellular communication work?

Our displays use cellular data like a smartphone. The display’s modem connects via radio waves to a cellular tower in the provider’s network and then out to the internet. The cellular data network transmits text, graphics and animations between the Daktronics-hosted Venus® Control Suite software and the display’s player.

What’s different about this new cellular communication method?

To create the best cellular communication method on the market, we partnered with Verizon to offer an option that’s better in many ways:

  • Low cost
  • Industry-leading VPN Security
  • Daktronics takes care of communication setup
  • Fast data transfer speeds

Also, this plan allows your customers to access Venus® Control Suite software anywhere, anytime, from any device.

Here’s a handy flier with more details and a helpful graphic: “Daktronics-Verizon Cellular Communication.”

Talk to your Daktronics rep if you have any questions.



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