Making your life easier with venue-wide connectivity

Stadium management today is tasked with many difficult questions with broad impacts. How do you encourage fan loyalty in the age of endless entertainment options? How do you keep advertisers interested in buying space at your venue? How do you do all this while keeping operating costs down? The pressure is on. The answer for many is a digital fan engagement strategy. But once you decide to go digital, how does this new technology fit into your business?

The first area you need to look at is software control for your digital network. Digital Signage Today recently published an article that comments on the pitfalls of having different digital signage software solutions to control your venue. The article highlights long term venue challenges like overburdened IT/marketing staff and inconsistent content across networks, and also talks about issues that more seriously impact venue operations, like slow emergency message delivery.

If you’ve experienced these problems, you’re not alone. While a venue with endless time and resources could devote a lot of time to perfecting coordination and could hire more staff at will when they add venue technology, that’s not the reality for most of us. A practical way to solve this is by evaluating solutions to find a control system that connects your entire venue.

A venue operated by one control system helps you:

  1. Consolidate your marketing strategy
  2. Operate your venue more efficiently with small teams
  3. Save time by corresponding with one vendor for ongoing support

Watch our video to learn more about our venue-wide connectivity solutions.

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