‘Tis the season for year-end maintenance

It’s December…the season when schools and university campuses often prepare for a well-deserved year-end holiday break. It’s also a good time to think about how this time off may affect your control system and is a good opportunity to perform some year-end maintenance. Here are some things to consider before leaving your control room for the year.


Clean Up Hard Drives

Now is a good time to go through and perform a backup of all your content and delete files that won’t be needed next year. We recommend keeping a copy (or even multiple copies) of your V7000 folder (for DMP-7000 systems) or Content folder (for DMP-8000 systems). This should include all videos, headshots, crowd prompts, stats graphics and any other content play on your display(s).

Back Up System Configuration

Even if the system configuration hasn’t changed in the last year, it’s a good idea to keep an updated copy of these files. This includes your DMP-7000 and DMP-8000 players, Show Control Nucleus backups and Video Image Processor backups.

Prepare for Power Outages

Often times, a campus closure is the best time for facility staff to perform maintenance on electrical systems. Hopefully these plans are communicated to the control room staff with adequate time to respond and turn off any equipment that will be affected. Refer to our guide for Managing Loss of Power to you Display or Control System for more information.

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