Have you ever wanted to layer graphics or animations over a live video feed or other graphics? Specific versions of DMP-8000 have this functionality! Whether you are looking to have a baseball fly across a ribbon board to wipe off the in-game look and reveal an exciting HOME RUN animation or if you just want to have a version of that same HOME RUN animation overlaid on a live feed of your fans cheering with excitement from the last play, it is all doable.

Utilizing the layer feature in the DMP-8000 players is sure to add some fresh new dynamics to your production as well as help create a more seamless production. You don’t have to worry about cutting a prompt short to get back to the live feed, you can play both at the same time to fully capitalize on the moment.steelers-demo-content-2

To learn more about how to generate this type of content or how to set up these layers contact the Daktronics Professional Services team today by sending an email to professionalservices@daktronics.com. They are ready and waiting to help you take your game day to the next level this season.

by Trisha from Creative Services

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