Layering graphics and animations over live video

Have you ever wanted to layer graphics or animations over a live video feed or other graphics? Specific versions of DMP-8000 have this functionality! Whether you are looking to have a baseball fly across a ribbon board to wipe off the in-game look and reveal an exciting HOME RUN animation or if you just want to have a version of that same HOME RUN animation overlaid on a live feed of your fans cheering with excitement from the last play, it is all doable.

Utilizing the layer feature in the DMP-8000 players is sure to add some fresh new dynamics to your production as well as help create a more seamless production. You don’t have to worry about cutting a prompt short to get back to the live feed, you can play both at the same time to fully capitalize on the moment.steelers-demo-content-2

To learn more about how to generate this type of content or how to set up these layers contact the Daktronics Professional Services team today by sending an email to They are ready and waiting to help you take your game day to the next level this season.

by Trisha from Creative Services

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