Essential resources to help with your new GS6 display

Have you just purchased a new GS6 display and need some help? Daktronics has you covered.  We have a number of resources to assist you in the process, from installation to publishing content.  To assist you in making this go smoothly we provide a wide variety of items outside of the documentation that ships with the display; this includes a number of videos and articles.  Taken together this can provide a seamless and effortless experience.

To assist with the basics of the installation we provide Installation Quick Guides.

We have published a couple of communication installation videos to help with our two most popular communication options.

We also have a video that provides an overview of how our GS6 displays communicate with our cloud based Daktronics Venus Control Suite service.

We have a great article on our knowledge base that explains how to change or adjust the network settings on the GS6 displays and another article that details steps that can be taken to help resolve any communication problems that may occur.

How to change the IP settings on a GS6 display

Troubleshooting Hub: Communication Methods with Venus Control Suite

We continue to add additional resources over time and these can be easily accessed from our Daktronics website support section.

This article is by Joe from Technical Support.

This article is by Joe from Technical Support.


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