“Let’s Give Them Free Content!” Says Creative Services Manager


Guest blogger Gina Kuck manages Commercial Creative Services. An LED content expert, for the past 13 years she’s focused on providing content and solutions for LED display optimization.


We just uploaded 12 new packages of content to the e-commerce site and couldn’t be more excited! This offering is so important to you and your customer’s success, that all of the packages are FREE. Tell your customers to download these pieces and start using them right away!

The content just released—“Backgrounds”— works for all sign sizes. Does a customer need help with a custom size? Just allow us 10 business days. Tell them to get in touch here: http://buy.daktronics.com/Cant-Find-My-Size_c_1380.html

Good content helps win the glance, since it maximizes an LED sign’s capabilities. If your customers run great content, they’ll have great results. Customers who have great results will often become your ideal testimonials and repeat customers.

720x1280-ruby-arrows-blogSometimes the person who operates the display is too busy. Or they just aren’t that familiar with design principles to create clever content.

Here is some good information to help. The free background content comes with a complementary guide, Daktronics Best Practices for LED Display Content It’s filled with easy tips for great results.

720x1280-amethyst-blogWhat do you think of the new content and guide? Do you have any suggestions for future packages?






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