DakStats: withstanding the test of time

Back in 1997, all that existed of DakStats was: Football, Basketball, and Luge… all on DOS software (If you didn’t think 20 years was that long ago, that should put it into perspective). Since then, DakStats has expanded it’s catalog to include Volleyball and Baseball, as well as updating to a more modern version of Basketball and Football.


In reality, DakStats came to fruition over three-and-a-half decades ago. In 1980, it began with the Winter Olympics where DakStats kept track of the Ski Jump, Alpine and Cross Country events. 20 years ago the Windows-based DakStats that we currently use came to be.

What DakStats are currently available? Baseball, Basketball, Football, Rodeo, Soccer and Volleyball.

What’s next for DakStats? Lacrosse! You can already view “Getting Started with DakStats Lacrosse” on the DakStats YouTube channel, as well as refreshing your brain with the other DakStats videos. The DakStats YouTube page itself has seen many changes in the past few months, including a brand new logo and banner image.

Who knows what exciting things await DakStats in the future? Only time will tell…

This post by Andrew from our training group.

This article is by Andrew from our training group.

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