Introducing DakStats Lacrosse

Lacrosse has an extensive history dating back to the 1630’s. However, it wasn’t until this year that Lacrosse and Daktrd3bab0e715049f6461accbc45340e52bonics DakStats crossed paths. The Daktronics data team has been working diligently on learning the rules, about the field, and the hard hits for both Men’s and Women’s lacrosse. Once the software was developed, the team introduced it to a focus group for feedback and improvements. This led to a more intuitive user experience.

Check out the getting started with DakStats video for Lacrosse. This tutorial details how to configure seasons, teams, and rosters in order to track live player stats.

If you are new to Lacrosse and seeking more information on tracking the live player stats, follow along with the DakStats Lacrosse video. The Lacrosse software differs between Men’s and Women’s and this tutorial outlines those differences. It also provides tips and tricks for successful operation.


This post was written by Melissa, a Daktronics Field Customer Trainer

This post was written by Melissa, Daktronics Control System Specialist.

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