Top 5 LED Displays Surviving the Obscure

Rain. Wind. Dust. Saltwater. Our products live outdoors and need to be able to withstand these elements, but sometimes they withstand much more. Flooding. Tornadoes. Hurricanes. Yes, these things happen. But Barn Funnel Weaver spiders? Mud dauber nests? These are the more obscure elements of nature that we’ve found invading our displays’ proverbial bubble. Lucky for our technicians, they get to be up close and personal with these display invaders. bird-nest

  1. Birds commonly fit through little holes in wooden bird houses, so why would a conduit box be any different? If one of the holes of the conduit box gets knocked out and isn’t covered up soon enough, it goes to the birds. We’re told the birds get a little feisty when babies are in the nest; just a little safety tip from our technician.
  2. It’s not just small birds that are making things messy. In Atlanta, a display has been claimed by pigeons that leave their droppings behind the display. Lucky for our technicians, some displays can be serviced from the front!
  3. Anything that can go wrong will, right? That was certainly true in 2013 when flooding took over a baseball field in Texas. But with our technology being tested beyond the point of failure, being submerged in water isn’t enough to stop it from operating as expected.
  4. Insects seem to find any place they like to build their nests. The back of our LED modules is no exception. During a service call in Louisiana, a mud dauber nest was found caked to the back of a module. Mud daubers are a form of wasp, so this was a bit of a sticky situation for our technician to replace. But alas, the module was still operational.
  5. Those with a fear of spiders might get a shiver down their spine from this next issue – Barn Funnel Weaver spiders infesting an entire display in Dawsonville, Georgia. This was no small mess as the spiders collected dirt and debris to make their nest inside the entire display, which remained fully functional the entire time!

Flooding aside, these issues are something that can happen to outdoor displays and make a great case for remembering to schedule your regular service calls!

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