2017 Men’s NIT Experimental Rules Changes

As you may know, the NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel has approved experimental for the 2017 Men’s NIT postseason tournament. The rules include:

  1. Resetting team fouls to zero at the end of 10-minute segments of each half.
  2. Resetting the shot clock to 20 seconds instead of 30 seconds at times when the ball is inbounded in the front court.

In the experimental rule of resetting the team fouls, the one-and-one free throw bonus will not occur.  Instead, teams will shoot two free throws in the following examples:

  1. When team fouls and or technical fouls reach a total of five.
  2. The first 10-minute segment of each half will begin when the ball becomes live to begin the half and will end with the game clock reads 10:00. The second segment will begin when the game clock reads 9:59 and ends when the half ends.
  3. Each team’s foul total will reset to zero when any 10-minute segment has ended. At 9:59 the team fouls will reset to zero even if live play is still occurring.
  4. In overtime, team fouls will reset to zero. When a team reaches a team total of four fouls, all subsequent personal and technical fouls will result in two free throws.

In the other experimental rule, the shot clock will remain the same as when play was interrupted or reset to 20 seconds, whichever is greater, at any time the following occurs:

  1. A personal foul by the defense, which results in no free throws, and the ball is inbounded in the front court.
  2. The game is stopped for a bleeding player or blood on a uniform and the ball is inbounded in the front court.


Team Fouls Reset

  • The clock operator should reset the fouls to zero at the best available opportunity at or near the 9:59 mark of each half. To reset the fouls to zero there are two options:
    1. Press the “Clear Team Fouls” button. Press “Enter/Yes” to confirm.  This will reset the team fouls to zero for both teams as well as reset the bonus indicators.
    2. If your console does not have a “Clear Team Fouls” button, follow one of these steps:
      • Press the “Team Fouls -1” five times for both the home and guest.
      • Press “Edit” then “Team Fouls +1”. Enter “0” and press “Enter”.  Do this for both home and guest.
    3. Additionally, the values for the Bonus indicators needs to be set in the console.
      • Press “Menu” and use the up/down arrows to scroll until the “Edit Settings” menu appears. Press “Enter.”  Use the up/down arrows to scroll until the “Team Fouls – Mode 1-ON-1 Bonus” appears.  Enter “5” for the 1-on-1 bonus and press “Enter.”  Enter “5” for the “2 Shot Bonus” and press “Enter.”
      • If overtime occurs, go through the same steps listed above to reset the bonus to 4 fouls instead of 5.

Shot Clock Reset

  • There will now be three reset opportunities for the shot clock. The Daktronics remote control for the shot clock only has two resets.  Here is what Daktronics recommends:
    1. The first reset should be set to 30.
    2. The second reset should be set to 20
    3. If there is a kicked ball and the shot clock is under 15, the shot clock needs to be reset to 15. To do so, press “Edit” then “Set Shot Time”.  Enter “15” and press “Enter.”

If you have questions or need assistance on the operations listed above, please feel free to contact our technical support helpdesk at 866-343-6018.

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