Reports from Our Field Staff Will Help Your LED Display Sales

Roosevelt-Zoo_blog-postOur new Venus® Control Suite software is around a year old. Over that time, we’ve heard reports from our field staff about the software’s features that customers like.

We hope the information below helps you close your next LED display sale.

 Zoo impressed by process completed in a few minutes

One of our reps gave a demo with a sign company for a zoo. They talked about how Venus Control Suite is accessible from your mobile device.

They also showed the customer how easy it is to upload an image. The sign company took a photo and sent it by text to the Dak rep. He uploaded it to the sign and scheduled it.

The process took a couple of minutes, and the customer was impressed by how good it looked on the display.

Need to get “Now Hiring” up right away?

Here’s another reason why people like this software’s easy access. Retailers often deal with employee turnover. With Venus Control Suite, sign owners get on their phones and publish “Now Hiring” on the sign almost immediately.

Events center loves the playlist

Venus Control Suite resonates with customers who like to plan. An events center told us that they posted every upcoming artist in the playlist. They were done scheduling for the entire summer. They also liked how they can separate each item with a date range—and it’s easy to do.

Set up for people with basic skills

Busy retailers with just basic skills like the fact that they don’t need to do a lot of typing. It’s mostly clicking and drag & drop.

Keep these points in mind for your next meeting with a potential LED display customer!

Here are some resources to help your sale:

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