Stadium & Arena Technology – Containing Rising Operating Costs with Daktronics IPTV

In this series of articles, we will explore 10 different pervasive and urgent challenges facing stadium and arena owners/operators today along with solutions that address each. One could argue the specific position in priority order of the challenges that will be discussed but no one would disagree that these are near the top of everyone’s list.

Challenge One: In the first installment of this series we explored ways of increasing revenues during periods of consumer economic challenges. Feel free to review the other posts in this series at Daktronics Blogs.

Challenge Two: How do we contain the ever-rising operating costs associated with sophisticated media networks and accelerating fan engagement strategies?

Screens large and small including digital signs and menus, interactive media displays, wayfinding and device charging kiosks, street furniture, TVs and digital marketing experiences now blanket venues and for good reason. A well-designed digital fan engagement strategy can pay big dividends, leverage your physical space and maximize your marketing engine by strategically presenting media assets produced specifically to activate fans and influence purchasing behaviors; all the while, reinforcing your brand and as importantly, the brands of your sponsors and advertisers.

How can you possibly keep up with today’s media hungry fan’s expectations without breaking your budget?

Today’s IP-driven integrated media enterprise is all about leveraging existing network infrastructure to deliver media to the right audience for the right purpose without having to pull miles of coax, install amplifiers, splitters, control inserters and possibly pay a King’s ransom to acquire a few meaningful channels of content for your fans. I won’t even mention the costs associated with paying staff to walk the facility with a backpack full of remotes changing channels and manage TVs. OK, so I mentioned it…

IPTV is an ideal solution to cost-effectively scaling media distribution across your applications. Concourses, Suites, Concessions, Retail, Kiosks and the seating bowl can all receive a custom set of tailored channels and content controlled centrally from a browser based UI and the best part is that you can use standard Ethernet infrastructure to accomplish this. Today’s IP media encoders, acquisition gear and network switches are more powerful than ever and extremely affordable. Leverage the Daktronics equipment and software control you already own to produce your own content channels complete with live footage, integrated stats and hyper-local advertising as a part of the ultimate in-game fan experience.


Daktronics custom produced game feed channel – KFC Yum! Center Louisville, KY

Daktronics is the world leader in providing audio and visual communication systems designed to inform, engage and entertain audiences in live event venues. I’ll bet you didn’t even know that we cover the whole venue from the world’s largest LED screens to Digital Signs and Menus to IPTV and Video Walls – heck, we can even tell you if a parking space is available. Let us show you how an end to end digital fan engagement strategy can help contain media production and distribution operating costs at your facility.

Every opportunity to keep your fans connected to the action, to each other and to direct them toward rewarding experiences during their visit to your facility is important – Every Moment Matters.

by Bill Hadsell, Product Manager Daktronics Digital Media Networks

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