Animate Your Game Day

Static content isn’t going to win your fans over on game day. You need to mix it up, engage your fans and show them what a real game day is like. If you’re currently using only static content, change is coming for you – are you ready?


As with anything, static content has its place. This kind of content is perfect for announcements¸ recognitions and other important information you want students and staff to easily read.


This kind of content is meant to grab attention and fuel excitement. From a great touchdown to cueing the crowd to get loud, there is animated content for every sport and event taking place at your school.


This doesn’t mean you need to switch out all of your static content for animations. Having a good mix of the two will keep your game day interesting and something to look forward to each time.

If you’re looking for new animated content to add to your game day, check out our online content packages, ensuring you’re covered for every holiday, sport and event. Looking for some new ideas?

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