Updates to the Dashboard, Media, Playlists & Reports

We updated several different pages in Venus Control Suite. These updates were based on customer feedback in order to make Venus Control Suite even easier for you to use!

The updates will primarily affect those of you with multiple displays set up in an account hierarchy. An example is a main or primary account, such as a School District with displays at multiple schools that would be considered sub or child accounts.


When you log into Venus Control Suite, the Dashboard shows a tile for each display in the current account and will now show a tile for each display in any sub accounts.

Dashboard tiles

Trainer Tip: If the Dashboard shows more than ten displays, the display tiles collapse and a filter menu opens on the right side of the screen.  To reduce the number of displays down on the Dashboard, select a filter such as a display dimensions.  You can still click on the thumbnail, heartbeat, and camera (if using webcams) icons to see those views.

Dashboard collapsed

Now that you can monitor all of your displays in your primary account, it will make it easier for you to keep an eye on things! You will still have to switch into the child accounts to do things like create and/or modify playlists, access display settings, creating and/or deleting users.

One final thing to note is that when you do switch into your child accounts, you will still be able to see their Dashboard tile as you always have, but only the tile for that respective account—the one you are in.


As you know, parent accounts share media directly with their child accounts. But up until now, that shared media was only available to view when you were creating a playlist and choosing which files to add to it.

Now, any media uploaded into the parent account will be visible to all child accounts right in their Media Library! You will see an Inherited Media icon on each file that has been shared to indicate that the file was inherited from the parent account.  You will even be able to use your filters to find or sort by inherited media specifically!

inherited media


Playlists are not considered shared media and will not be inherited from the parent account.  If an inherited media item is part of a child playlist, but not part of a presentation with multiple slides/layouts, and it is deleted from the parent media library, then you will see the following message appear in the child playlist.

error message

Playlists will also have icons next to them now, indicating what type of playlist they are.



You are now able to pull Proof of Play (POP) reports  for Child Accounts in the Parent account, whereas before you had to switch into the Child Accounts to run POP reports. These reports will appear as a nicely laid out hierarchy in the report.  Reports run by the Parent Account will continue to be owned by the Parent account. You still must switch into the Child Account to run Scheduled Content reports, however.

I know that was a lot to take in, but I hope it all made sense! Remember, we make these updates based on feedback we get from you to help make your lives a little bit easier!

If you want to stay informed on any future updates, then be sure to click on that orange “Receive Email Updates” button on the right side of the page.

Thanks for reading!

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