FCC Spectrum Auction to Prohibit Unlicensed Wireless Devices in 600MHz Band

In accordance with a recent announcement by the FCC, the use of wireless microphones, personal monitoring systems and other unlicensed wireless devices in the 600 MHz Band will eventually be prohibited by law. The FCC spectrum auction will realign the use of public airwaves and include steep fines and penalties for those who fail to comply.

This change may affect some Daktronics customers using wireless products within this band. If you own Shure brand equipment within the range of 616 MHz – 653 MHz and 663 MHz – 698 MHz, we encourage you to take advantage of their current rebate program to trade in your eligible system for credit towards an upgraded, FCC-compliant system. Shure’s rebate program is available until April 30, 2018. To find out what models are available for rebate and more information, visit the Shure website by clicking here. Other manufacturers of wireless equipment may have similar programs.

For more information on the auction of the 600 MHz band from the FCC, please visit their website by clicking here.

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