Content Studio’s shrink text to fit feature

Daktronics recently released Show Control version 2.01 that includes a new feature that gives designers the control to shrink to fit RTD and text box elements. This feature is available for Show Control with DMP-8000 systems.

In the past, setting up RTD bounding boxes in Content Studio was tricky especially when it came to long names. If the player’s name did not fit within the designed boundaries, part of the text would be cut off. To work around this, the answer was to set aside extra space to fit the player with the longest name, often leaving an undesirable amount of empty space.

The new text fit option allows designers to shrink any text horizontally within the boundaries of the bounding box. This provides the option to fill the space more consistently.


Shrink to fit with player names


To learn how to use this feature, watch the training video below.


This post is by Danielle, Daktronics Trainer.

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