New Advertising Medium For College Baseball

Viewership for college sports has never been more diverse or accessible. Larger schools used to rely on large television media agreements to get air time for their fans, students, and alumni to watch their games during the year. While most conferences may have a media agreement for sports such as football and basketball, recently schools have been able to find new ways to reach their fans regardless of the sport – online streaming. With services like WatchESPN, Vue, and Slingbox gaining popularity, colleges are now looking at new revenue streams and ways to attract sponsors and advertisers. One of these new ways is with LED backstops.

Tennessee Backstops

Advertising on the space behind home plate isn’t a new medium in and of itself for marketing and sponsorship groups, but this has typically be reserved for static signage. Our engineers at Daktronics have come up with a LED display product that can be integrated into the actual backstop area by covering the face of the display to protect against direct hits from a baseball, and surrounding the display with padding to ensure player safety.

In 2016, the University of Mississippi, University of South Carolina, University of Tennessee Knoxville and Vanderbilt University led the charge of this new application by installing a total of seven display between the four facilities.  The displays each measure 3 feet high by 10 feet wide and feature 10 millimeter line spacing to provide excellent imagery which easily picked up by the cameras and shows well on broadcasts.

If you’re looking for additional ways to give your sponsors and advertisers recognition during your broadcast baseball games no matter how they are watching, LED backstop displays are the answer. If you are already using a backstop display, check out our Best Practices for Backstop Displays to ensure your content and message are clear.


This article is by Matt Anderson
in College Sports Marketing.
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