Updating a Customer’s Control Software

GS6-VCS_blogWisconsin Sign Company SignArt Co., Inc. Eau Claire, Wisconsin, recently had a quick serve restaurant franchisee request a control software update for their LED sign.

With support from Daktronics, the sign company rose to the occasion to make their customer very happy.

In response to update requests like this, Daktronics developed a solution that converts Venus® 1500 control over to the latest software: Venus® Control Suite. Venus Control Suite enables corporate to control all their signs, including both older and newer generation message displays.

This feature was very important to the customer because SignArt has sold them several Daktronics displays over the years. The franchisee used Venus Control Suite for the first time when he bought a new-generation Galaxy® GS6 message display.

“My customer grew to love the cloud-based software with its remote control,” says SignArt vice president Matt Snyder. “The solution was so successful that now they intend to upgrade all of the other previous-generation displays they own to Venus Control Suite.”

The upgrade to Venus Control Suite enables corporate marketing to access the displays. “Venus Control Suite took managing the display off the shoulders of the general manager for marketing to take care of,” says Snyder.

It makes sense, Snyder said, since “marketing is already working on daily special campaigns, so they’re using Venus Control Suite to include the sign in their marketing mix. It’s given the content a cohesive look.”

End user testimony
“Please pass along our compliments to your customer service team that installed the bridge. I recognize a vendor that really does a great job with service. While it is very uncommon that we need to call for support, they do a great job when we do; my tech team has nothing but good things to say.”
–Steve Fisher, QSR chain Senior Director of IT

For more information, see “Upgrade Galaxy® and GalaxyPro® Display with Venus® Control Suite.” Also, talk to your local Daktronics representative.

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