Bay Area Event Support

With the NBA playoffs in full swing, it comes as no surprise that the Golden State Warriors have made it to yet another Finals. You know what that means: the stakes are high and everyone needs to be on their A game, including Daktronics staff.

An abundance of Daktronics equipment is at the heart of the Warriors production, and everything needs to perform exceptionally. To ensure that the Warriors production flows flawlessly, we have teamed up with Oracle Arena to provide event support for the playoff games this year. Since their first playoff game on Sunday, April 16, we have provided the Warriors with event support and we’re coming up on our 13th event as we finish out the playoffs.

So, what does our event support offering consist of? A Daktronics technician arrives on site about 4 hours prior to an event to complete our standard pre-event checklist and ensure all equipment is ready for the event. Once the game has begun, our Daktronics technician is on-hand to work with production staffing, answer any questions and perform troubleshooting, if needed.

Event support is offered as a billable service to any customer and is highly recommended for big-time events, like the NBA playoffs. If you are interested in learning more about our event support offering or would like a quote for your next event, contact your Account Service Manager or email us at


Written by Evan Lopez, Daktronics Account Service Manager.

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