Yes, you did read that right! Audio systems are no longer just black boxes on the top of your scoring system. They’re designed to add to your system – let’s take a look.


This mesh surrounds the front of the outdoor units and the front and sides of the indoor audio systems. Mesh can be printed in a variety of colors with whatever you’d like permanently on it. Many schools choose to showcase their team name on the smaller sound systems (SSN-150) and a combination of both the team name and mascot on the larger systems (SS-500HD and SS-1500HD).


Our digital audio façade combines next generation ProPixel Freeform LED Sticks on the outdoor sound systems to create a more graphic audio experience. Show game prompts to get the crowd cheering or team up with local businesses to display sponsor ads as an additional way to generate revenue for your school. The pixel sticks enable you to change from one slide of content to the next throughout the game.

Watch how the pixel sticks add to the excitement.

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