Your Orders Place This Niche Among the Top Five

Sioux-Falls-Dental-Health_Sioux-Falls-SD_AF-3500-32x112-20-RGB-BlogInterested in creating new sales opportunities for your company? Notice all the healthcare facilities in your area.

This niche is exploding.

Currently, there are 5,723 hospitals in the U.S., 4,999 community hospitals, and 1,326 critical access hospitals. This data doesn’t even include individually owned practices. These facilities need a wide range of signage. Requirements include an on-premise marquee to video boards, street furniture, and way finding for large hospital campus.

Healthcare facilities market themselves directly to a consuming public. Just like retailers, they have marketing budgets, with dollars allocated for digital ads, websites, and social media.

Call on the healthcare facilities in your area and talk to them about adding an LED sign to their media mix. Here are a few content suggestions:

  • Wait times
  • After-hours care
  • Availability of online medical records
  • Quality awards
  • Community support messages

We’re ready to help you succeed selling to this exciting niche. Talk to your area rep if you’d like hard copies of the brochures.

Literature and web support:

Look for future posts! Topics will include what to do before you call on a healthcare facility, as well as sales tips from our staff.



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