Win. Win. Win.

It’s gameday. The stands are packed and the crowd is cheering. It’s a close game and your team is about to get an interception, but the crowd jumped and you missed the play. You shift your gaze to the video scoreboard and smile seeing the replay confirming your team did indeed just win the championship, followed by a sponsor logo to prompt the crowd to enjoy a slice of pizza at a local joint to celebrate. Your team wins, the crowd is cheering and the sponsors that paid for your board are happy. You smile knowing you provided the great experience which cost the taxpayers nothing.

As the Waunakee School District in Wisconsin found out, video displays offer the flexibility to mold themselves to fit the needs of each sport, unlike traditional scoreboards. The active display area is surrounded by sponsor panels which were sold to local businesses. The additional funds raised from it could go to replace the video board at the end of its life cycle.


Conceptual provided by Daktronics for Waunakee High School

“We’ll have a better board, and it won’t cost the taxpayers a dime to put in,” said Board Member David Boetcher. “After the three years, the school district should see a boom in advertising.”

Bringing the community together, cheering on your favorite team and developing a funding plan? Looks like the complete package.

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