3 Tips to Make Financing Part of Your Sales Strategy


Scott Glass, Financing Manager

Guest blogger today is Scott Glass, Daktronics Financing Manager.

When customers stall on buying an LED sign, talk to them about a leasing option. Notice this end user’s comment about leasing and her decision to buy:

“As a small business, leasing allowed us to move forward with our decision to install a Daktronics sign, based on the fact that it allowed us to keep money in savings as a reserve,” says Staci Long, owner, Elite Cheer, Clayton, Indiana.

Here are my tips for making leasing a part of your sales strategy:

#1 Lead with financing. Bring it up on every deal. There is no risk in providing a payment solution. All the main vendors have financing, so make sure you don’t lose the sale by not bringing up a monthly payment option right away.

#2 Break the payment down to weekly or even a daily amounts: $50,000 display  >  $1,000 a month  >   $32 daily. Shift the end user’s focus from overall price to monthly payment.

#3 Look at the customer’s ad marketing budget. They may be making an annual payment. A monthly payment on the LED sign can take its place. Shift marketing dollars to pay for the display. They could be paying $1,500 a month for radio and TV, even though they’re on a well-traveled street. A $50,000 display would be a better deal at only $1,000 a month.

Remember, when leasing is involved, you get paid faster!

More information about financing: www.daktronics.com/financing

View the Daktronics Finance Solutions guide.


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