Scott Glass, Financing Manager

Guest blogger today is Scott Glass, Daktronics Financing Manager.

When customers stall on buying an LED sign, talk to them about a leasing option. Notice this end user’s comment about leasing and her decision to buy:

“As a small business, leasing allowed us to move forward with our decision to install a Daktronics sign, based on the fact that it allowed us to keep money in savings as a reserve,” says Staci Long, owner, Elite Cheer, Clayton, Indiana.

Here are my tips for making leasing a part of your sales strategy:

#1 Lead with financing. Bring it up on every deal. There is no risk in providing a payment solution. All the main vendors have financing, so make sure you don’t lose the sale by not bringing up a monthly payment option right away.

#2 Break the payment down to weekly or even a daily amounts: $50,000 display  >  $1,000 a month  >   $32 daily. Shift the end user’s focus from overall price to monthly payment.

#3 Look at the customer’s ad marketing budget. They may be making an annual payment. A monthly payment on the LED sign can take its place. Shift marketing dollars to pay for the display. They could be paying $1,500 a month for radio and TV, even though they’re on a well-traveled street. A $50,000 display would be a better deal at only $1,000 a month.

Remember, when leasing is involved, you get paid faster!

More information about financing:

View the Daktronics Finance Solutions guide.


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