Funding Your Way to Digital Displays

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Monticello, Minnesota, has some big news: they’re adding the state’s second-largest high school video board to their roster, as well as five other scoreboards. And, they’re fully funded by the community. How did that happen?

If you look at any town, it’s easy to see the love and dedication communities have for their home team. True to the Midwestern spirit, when Monticello’s high school needed help funding new displays, community business members stepped up to the plate.

Monticello Athletic Director Gary Revenig explained in a recent interview for the Monticello times that if the town was serious about installing new scoreboards, they should do it right. “That’s where Daktronics stepped in to help,” said Chris Popowski, of Daktronics Sports Marketing. “We provided Gary with sponsor materials and a plan to go out and meet with businesses. A little help went a long way!”


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Revenig started pounding the pavement. According to the Monticello Times, he “went out into the Monticello business community and signed contracts for $665,000 over the next eight years, with the ability to increase that amount down the road.” In return for their patronage, each business will receive advertisement opportunities on the display during game time and online via the school’s website. Additionally, they earn sponsorships for games, passes to school events and a sponsorship panel on a scoreboard.  Monticello Soccer

The result? A 24-feet-wide by 13-feet-tall Daktronics video display for the new stadium, coupled with a sound system to keep the crowd all ears at football, lacrosse and soccer games. Five other Daktronics scoreboards will keep fans on their feet at various other sporting events, such as hockey, baseball/softball and track.

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It just goes to show when you combine hustle from the school with support from the community, it yields innumerable possibilities for kids in all extracurricular activities. Monticello teacher Luke Feierabend is already working on a plan to integrate multimedia classes with the scoreboard’s operation. When he approached students about interest in the idea, he said, “Their faces just lit up! The excitement is through the roof.”


We are excited for Monticello to be up and running soon! Which town’s team will we be writing about next? Will it be YOURS? It’s time to pull the community together!

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