New Feature: Display Studio Transitions

Transitions can smoothly carry viewers from one message to the next. Elements like fade, dissolve or swap can provide a cohesive way to create bigger moments from individual pieces of content.

Did you know that you can incorporate more transitions into your show with the latest version of Show Control?  The new version allows operators to script transitions along with play message commands in Show Control’s Display Studio. The previous transition defaulted to a cut between messages, while the new capability will allow you to incorporate a variety of transitions during your show.

Check out the transitions in use at the Stub Hub Center:

First, to make this happen you will need:

  • Version of Show Control
  • Version 7.20 or higher for DMP-8000

Our technical support teams can evaluate your equipment to determine your upgrade options. Schedule a time to begin this process by creating a new case in your MySupport account.

Once you have the correct versions, the steps for how to add a transition are included in this Knowledge base article.

As you begin working with these new transitions, we recommend that operators create a few default transition buttons that can be used during events. Once the default transition is set, any individual message or playlist messages will have the default transition. This allows for a quicker way to alter transitions vs. imbedding a transition script into every play command.

This post is by Danielle, Daktronics Trainer.


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